absolute autosound competition

SQC Club Bebrusai Car Audio Party 2019

Hooray! We are going to Lithuania again! We are waiting for everyone at our annual stage of the SQC Club competition! This time we changed our already beloved place to another, more beautiful and comfortable!

SQC Club international event in Lithuania 2019.08.10, “Bebrusai” recreation center, Molėtai, Lithuania.

All classes are open for registration of participants: Stock, Junior, Junior 3000, Senior, Over, Absolute, Absolute Stock.
The cost of participation in any of the classes – 30 euro
Send applications for participation to the address – sqcclub.online@gmail.com
Application form: First Name – Last Name, Participation Class, Car Brand, Car Registration Number, Telephone Number.

We remind you that this event is rated! Already at the end of October, all the winners of the national championships will be able to compete for the title of European champion! Details later …

Google maps search by name: “Bebrusai, poilsio namai, Vizba”

Reservation information: Reservation minimum 2 nights from Friday 08/09 17:00 (arrival) until Sunday 08/11 15:00 (departure). One person night 30 Euro. Limited places that want to write in advance write a request to sqcbaltic@gmail.com will be booked additionally by the number of people.

Photo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xm2YpoBxKdWPtfaz44IBktlsC2BMnvmE?usp=sharing
Website: http://bebrusai.lt/galerija.html
There are 4-5-6 beds, shower, toilet, refrigerator. Next to the houses there is a table and a grill. Everything is near the lake, there is internet throughout the territory! Mini field for football, basketball, volleyball, boats, all inclusive.
There is a cafe, sold coffee and ice cream. You can pre-order food on Saturday – breakfast, lunch. When registering, specify whether you will order or not, if we collect the quantity, it will be a kitchen. If not, there is a 5-6 km shop for Maxima XX products.