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Super Sound Bowl event schedule

We officially announce the first Final Competition in our history, at which the champions of Europe according to SQC Club Worldwide will be revealed. And this is not just the Final of Europe. We gave a special name to this event – Super Sound Bowl! A special place was chosen for its holding – the Terminal conference center in the city of Wroclaw (Poland). This is a huge indoor hall for participating cars, a cozy hotel with 50 rooms, a restaurant with excellent and inexpensive cuisine. The event will take place in two days – November 1 and 2.

First day – Open to all SQC Inter Cup. It can be attended by anyone who has never participated in SQC Club competitions, as well as those who do not have a rating for the official final of Europe. Classification and refereeing will be carried out in accordance with the official rules of the SQC Club. Application for participation in the open SQC Inter Cup can be submitted on the official website sqc-club.com in the “Registration” section.

The second day will be the official Final of Europe – Super Sound Bowl. Only participants who have won the titles of national champions, vice champions and bronze medalists are allowed. In addition to the main winners, participants with special tickets are allowed. Such tickets are issued in limited quantities for each country in which the national championship of SQC Club takes place. The list of participants eligible for the Super Sound Bowl will be published after the end of all national finals. A registration form for this event will be sent to them individually. SQC Party 2019 will be held on Friday evening (November 1). There will be a lot of delicious food, live music and, as always, friendly communication.

The cars of the SQC Inter Cup and SQC European Final participants must enter the premises on Thursday, October 31.
Check-in will be open from 15.00 to 22.00

Dear finalists and visitors to our event!

We remind you that the Super Sound Bowl finals will be held on November 1 and 2 (Friday and Saturday) The event will be held in 2 days:

Check-in at the venue on Thursday October 31 from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Cars must be clean outside and inside the passenger compartment.

Registration and payment of participation on Friday from 10.00 to 12.00

General information

The cost of participation in the SQC Inter Cup is 70 euro

The cost of participation in the SQC European Final is 70 euro

SQC Club Worldwide Party Ticket – 40 euro (Alcohol not included) You can take with you! Participation in the party must be confirmed in the registration process!

Venue: Terminal Conference Center 9 km from the center of Wroclaw

Address: Rakietowa 33, 54-615 Wrocław, Poland

Accommodation at the Terminal Hotel:
To book a room, you need to write a letter in English or Russian at the address hotel@terminalhotel.pl and indicate which number and how many people. In the heading of the letter you should write “for car audio event SQC Club” and in the letter it is MANDATORY to indicate the contact phone number.


Friday, 1 November 2019

09:00 Referee briefing and registration of participants
11:00 Briefing for participants
11:15 Refereeing and calculation of results
19:00 End of refereeing
21:00 SQC Club Worldwide Party

Saturday, 2 November 2019

09:00 Referee briefing
11:00 General briefing for participants and judges
11:15 Refereeing and calculation of results
20:00 SQC Inter Cup and SQC European Final awards ceremony




The venue is 400 meters from the A8 highway

The nearest full car wash is 8 km away. Conventional car washes are present at almost every gas station. To search for a nearby car wash, type in Google maps — Wrocław car wash

Braniborska 14, 53-680 Wrocław, Poland